Android Development

  • 2.X to 5.X
  • Push Notifications
  • Payment Gateway

Application Design

  • Scalable application design
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • We tune the application and database for the optimal performance

Database Setup and Implementation

  • We will help in designing the database layout as per the requirements of customer and implement the database as per best industry standards
  • We also undertake Database upgrades and patching activities

Database Performance Analysis and Tuning

  • Our team has around 15 years of performance analysis and tuning experience
  • We undertake performance analysis and recommendations
  • We tune the application and database for the optimal performance

Health Check of Database

  • We audit the database both in production and ready to go into production
  • We audit database based on multiple parameters including Operating system for the best health
  • We deliver recommendation document at the end of the health check

Designing Disaster Recovery solution and backup strategy

  • We have been one of the early birds in Disaster recovery solution
  • We have implemented Disaster recovery solution as per the customer requirements and budget
  • Our team has expertise in Designing backup solution for all the permutation and combination of failures


Years of Industrial Experience


Training in 30 days


years of performance tuning experience


live helper

Database Training on Performance analysis and Tuning

What Is Special About Us ?

Rubrics is a brain child of a group of experienced professionals, industry experienced varies from 17 years to 22 years. Rubrics provides tailor made cost effective solution to customers and we train professionals on Basic and Advanced topics of Databases.

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