Our Services

Android Development

  • 2.X to 5.X
  • Push Notifications
  • Payment Gateway

Application Design

  • Scalable application design
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • We tune the application and database for the optimal performance

Database Setup and Implementation

  • We will help in designing the database layout as per the requirements of customer and implement the database as per best industry standards
  • We also undertake Database upgrades and patching activities

Database Performance Analysis and Tuning

  • Our team has around 15 years of performance analysis and tuning experience
  • We undertake performance analysis and recommendations
  • We tune the application and database for the optimal performance

Health Check of Database

  • We audit the database both in production and ready to go into production
  • We audit database based on multiple parameters including Operating system for the best health
  • We deliver recommendation document at the end of the health check

Designing Disaster Recovery solution and backup strategy

  • We have around 18 years of experience in Designing and implementing Disaster recovery solution
  • We have been one of the early birds in Disaster recovery solution
  • We have implemented Disaster recovery solution as per the customer requirements and budget
  • Our team has expertise in Designing backup solution for all the permutation and combination of failures


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